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Welcome to Tarottopics.org, a community blog for tarot enthusiasts. Anyone with an interest in tarot, be they student, artist, collector, writer, teacher or reader, is welcome to submit their work to be in this blog.

A blog is a great way to share your interests, to document your growth, and to promote your skills with the community.


If you are a new tarot student, you can use a tarot blog to help you in your tarot studies.  You can keep a record of your Card of the Day.  Draw one card at random each day and write about it.  How do you feel about it?  What is its significance in your current life?

Tarot attracts and inspires creative people.  If you are the creative type, please share your poetry, stories and artwork.  If you are a reviewer, please post reviews of books, tarot decks, movies and events.

As much as we are all students, we are also teachers.  This blog is a place for “each one to teach one.”  As we share with each other, we learn from each other.

To this Blog, a bit of Tarot magick:

May the Sword of Air bring communication, integrity, intelligence and truth.

May the Wand of Fire bring creativity, excitement, passion and spirituality.

May The Cup of Water bring compassion, healing, and commmunity.

May The Pentacle of Earth bring rootedness, strength, fertility, steadfastness and comfort.