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Recently, a writing group I joined on the Tarot Guild issued a challenge to write whatever thoughts came to me within a ten minute (plus or minus) span, based on a card that was presented over a three day time period. The cards were:  Death, Ace of Cups, and Justice.  What follows is what I wrote for each card, within the time allowed, and unedited. Oh Death Card—what are you trying to tell me?  Am I going in the wrong direction?  Do I need to cast off my fears—the ones that are holding me back from living?  Do I fear you, or do I fear myself?  What dark secrets am I harboring in my soul? I want to see the light.  I want to start anew.  I want to move forward into a brighter, kinder life.  One with love and light, with friendships and unselfishness.  I want to embrace life with all it has to offer.  I want to spread this light to others, so that neither I nor they ever have to fear your darkness.  You will never conquer me as long as I believe in loving the world we live in, and loving myself. My emotions are overwhelming me right now.  I am about to cast off my old life and begin a new one.  I fear the unknown, but I am choked with emotion and excitement of what is ahead for me.  This is the beginning of a new, spiritual awakening inside of me, and I am fearful, giddy, and anxious to spread joy and love to the world, and to my world. My cup overflows with energy.  Just as the waters flow purely from the mountains, I feel the inner peace of the flowing waters in my soul.  I am ready to welcome the new life I have chosen. I have finally reached a compromise with myself—a balance between the best  of the old me, and the blossoming better of the new me.  I have reconciled my past errors, my past fears, my past inhibitions.  I will no longer judge myself by my previous actions and life.  I have learned from those errors and trials.  I have paid the price of things done wrong, and the acknowledgement of things done right.  I believe that the future ahead will be one of trust, balance, and fairness from/to myself and from/to all I encounter.