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With its ability to speak to me in a much different language than a traditional tarot deck, this deck has become one of my most trusted friends.  For me, there is a tingling that happens in my fingers and hands when I shuffle the cards.  If I close my eyes, I can see colors gliding past me in many shapes and forms.   It seems the messages I receive are directly from my guides.  The images are deeply interesting to me and capture something that opens my mind to new levels.  This may partly be due to there being no wrong way to use this deck-you don’t need to be an experienced tarot reader to gain insight from the cards.  The more I get to know it, the more I love it for its ability to help me see new approaches to creative problem solving. 

I decided to do the Two Card Creativity Spread (found in the LWB) because I seem to have a creative block about one of my projects.  I can always add a card if needed. 

The first card:  Man of Poetry

Without looking to the LWB for any description (this is how I use this deck) I get a feeling of someone who is able to move energy, make things happen and who is very creative.  Beyond this, the man is vulnerable in his nakedness but still, he’s clearing away the darkness or the murky picture so he can see the larger picture.  He’s doing this with a great force of will and yet, he’s looking over his shoulder.  He may be struggling with his ego and the need to be seen as the one who made it all happen for everyone else.  Ego is definitely a part of this image.  He has the control and experience of a mature man-a King in the Court Cards.  

The next Card: Eternity

The first thing that comes to mind here is there are no limits to the things that can be done.  It may even be telling me to think even bigger than I thought imaginable. 

So, I combine these two cards:


The Block that I have has to do with promotions and advertising and if I apply these two cards to my creative process I can see that I need a bigger picture, I haven’t done enough research or explored all of the options.  The Eternity card seems to be emphasizing that I need to think bigger as well as telling me that I will dream the answer. (I often dream answers so I’m not surprised to see this card.)  When we dream, we are subject to a certain type of vulnerability, I mean, we usually don’t intend to dream the things we do and without working extensively with dreams, you’re at your minds mercy. I’m also getting something about concentrating on a higher level-get out of the trap of thinking about this problem in the way I have been and move onto more spiritual ways of brainstorming. 

I can’t resist pulling one more card…I just have to know if there’s more to this!  


I’m having a little laugh here because this one seems to say: “Don’t get your head too far up in the clouds”.  This card is all about being reasonable, practical and using intellect to solve problems.  Ahhh, more research.  Just as I thought with the first card!  You see, this deck speaks in a way that’s easy to translate!

Here are the Suits in this deck:

The Triumphs

The Soul’s Journey.

Experiencing fall and regeneration.

The Cycles of Eternity.

The Creative Process Suits


The Embodiment of Inner Vision.

Giving form to spiritual light.

Path of Sensation & Spirit.


The Challenge of Self-Understanding.

Striving to know self & world.

Path of Intellect & Learning.


The Celebration of Life Force.

Feeling with heart & soul.

Path of Love & Beauty.


The Expression of Eternal Truth.

To speak from prophetic inspiration.

Path of Individuality & Revelation.

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