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Have you ever noticed that we psychics and mediums are often not mediums at all?  Many of us are larges and extra-larges!

Why do so many psychics have weight-control issues?  I think, in part, is has to do with grounding.  Psychics, and spiritual people in general, seem to function more in the upper chakras than the lower ones.  Our ability to maintain a healthy weight is related to the lower chakras, especially the root chakra.

After a day of psychic work, I crave the foods that make me feel grounded.  Those tend to be high-density, high calorie foods. 

I have often wondered how we could turn this tendency around.  Could we use tarot as a tool to help us keep in shape.

Certainly, there are cards that I associate with weight issues.  The Six of Pentacles and Justice both picture scales.  The Nine of Cups can be the “fat and happy card.”  The Nine of Pentacles can remind us to be confident and secure at any weight.  The Devil can represent the chocolate cake that is the bane of my existence.  I have often successfully predicted significant weight loss for overweight clients when I see the Eight of Wands prominently in their cards.

Today, I pulled a card about my own weight, and received the Knight of Cups.  I get a lot from that card in regards to my weight, including the following.

I need to drink more water, and exercise more.  I need to understand that I am an emotional eater, and use food to compensate for perceived emotional voids.

I would also take this to mean that I am on the right track as long as I continue in my current direction.  This would make sense; I am down about twenty pounds, give or take.

I would propose to any of us working to be fit that we should to do a Card of the Day specifically regarding weight issues, and journal about it.  At the very least, it will keep our goals in mind.  At the most, it will be another way of harnessing the substantial power of the tarot toward the goal of personal healing.  That’s something we all know tarot has always done very well.