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That’s my personal key phrase for the Eight and Nine of Swords, especially if they come up on in a spread together.  They often do.

The Eight shows a person who is blindfolded and in a cage made up of their own thoughts.  We can see that the person could easily escape. 

In the Nine, we see a person in despair, sitting upright in bed.  Nine swords hang ominously in the air.

In the Eight, I see anxiety, and in the Nine, depression.

The key to fixing these problems may reside in the cards that surround them- the Seven and Ten of Swords.

The Seven provides the root of the problem- which is dishonesty.  Anxiety and depression might be caused when what we believe to be true isn’t- whether we are disillusioned, guilty, or confused, this can lead to anxiety.  Unchecked, depression will set in.

The Ten reveals an ultimate outcome, for better or worse.  Once we get to that point of no return, something will need to end, or change.  At that point, the problem is, in a way, self-limiting.

But how do we avoid the horror of the Ten of Swords?  By not allowing the Seven of Swords to happen.

If we can always know our truth, speak our truth and live our truth it will be much easier to avoid the evil sisters of anxiety and depression!