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Sometimes we become narrow in our thinking about tarot suits.  Cups is love.  Pentacles is money.  Swords are struggle.  Come on, admit it. . .we all limit our own thinking from time to time!

When we understand the power of the four elements, and understand that is what courses through these cards, the Minor Arcana doesn’t seem quite as minor.

Try to see the Cups as the heart itself- it’s ability to love and it’s need to heal.

See Pentacles as our home, our heritage, our legacy, as well as our paycheck.

See Swords as communication, words, intergity, pursuit of knowledge, as well as the conflict that can arrise from poor communication and overthinking.

Wands become the most esspansive of all.  As the suit of fire, they represent everything that can burn within us.  This can be our creativity, our ideals, our competions, our anger, our passion, our spirituality and our sexuality.

This is a bit of what we discussed at Tarot Circle in Boynton Beach on Friday.