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Arguably the most complex and controversial card of the 78, the Moon beckons us to solve its mysteries. 

Some people see this card as a warning of treachery  and  unseen enemies.  Others see it as a sign of psychic awareness, magick and spiritual forces at work.

Whether this card is indicative of a negative or positive influence, some things are generally true when it shows up in a reading.

First, things may not be as they seem.  Check your intuition, check your facts, seek the deeper true.  Things in the moonlight appear different than in the light of day.  Be careful to acurately discern what is true.

Second, recognize your personal quest, and its dangers.   You are on a path to somewhere – but where?  What are your goals and ambitions?  What are you seeking?  And what are the things that stand in your way?  This card asks you to look within and seek your truest and best path.

Third, acknowledge the mysterious nature of spiritual faith.  It’s called faith for a reason. The Moon card speaks of the journey to solve the deepest and greatest mysteries of all; the meaning of life, the existance of God, and the eternal nature of the human soul.  Often this card comes up to reflect a partuclarly spiritual influence, or a someone experiencing a personal spiritual crisis.

Finally, pay attention to your more receptive, feminine energies.  You may be recieiving messages from Spirit in your sleep, or in your waking visions.  What information are you recieving? 

Much like the High Priestess, the Moon is about feminine spirituality and the secrets of the subconcious.  Like its celetial siblings, the Sun and the Star, it carries significant spiritual weight in a reading.

Sometimes the Moon simply suggests confusion.  In the darkness, it’s hard to see the path.  No surprise that a card so confusing could actually indicate confusion in a reading.