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The four Aces may be the most under-appreciated and under-utilized cards in the deck.  Yes, we all know they predict and celebrate new things – new love, new job, new vitality, new idea, new knowledge, etc.  But many of us forget to honor them as representative of the Holy Regalia; that is, the Four Tools of Magick.

We see those tools on the Magician’s table.  We believe them to be present in the Fool’s pouch. But do we really think about them in terms of their archetypes, or their magickal power?

The Ace of Cups is no less than the Holy Grail – the womb that carried the offspring of Jesus in  Gnostic tradition.  It can represent the healed heart, the open heart, the heart chakra, and the state of being heart-centered.  It can invoke the element of water, and make manifest love, charity, romance and emotional healing.

The Ace of Swords is Excalibur – the sword that identified the true king in Arthurian legend.  I call it the anti-bulls**t device.  It separates fact from fiction.  It encourages ethics, clear thought, and effective communication.  It can evoke the element of air, and the powers of discernment and integrity.

The Ace of Pentacles bears the ancient symbol of earth –  each point represents one of the four elements, and a final point for Spirit.  Together, these five elements represent all that is possible on the planet.  The Ace of Pentacles reminds us that the Earth Mother is our sustainer and protector.  All resources come from Her, and all must be returned unto Her.  It can evoke the element of earth, and make manifest all nature of resources, grounding and wellness.

The Ace of Wands is the phallus – the ultimate symbol of life waiting to happen.  It is the ignition, the inspiration, the spark and the life force.  It is our will to live, our motivation, our passion and our creativity.  It can invoke passion, art, anger, potency and humor,  It can make manifest every type of energy and vitality.

Together, these four cards can be used in invocation, healing and magick, as well as in divination.

Hold an Ace next to a chakra that needs a little help, and let the energy of the symbol bring healing.  I particularly like to hold the Ace of Wands to the solar plexus, the Ace of Cups to the heart, and the Ace of Swords to the throat.  I suppose sitting on the Ace of Pentacles would be helpful, but doesn’t seem very dignified!

Use the Aces to cast the sacred circle, or to create new opportunities for yourself.  Honor them as ancient symbols originating long before the beginnings of tarot itself.