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As Christiana has pointed out, we could connect to Fire by being more playful and creative. We could connect to the Earth by spending more time with nature.  To fulfill both of these elements and their respective activities still calls for thoughts and emotions.  When we meditate, we are deep in thought inside ourselves.  When we cultivate the earth, we put our hearts and souls into tending the garden and nurturing the life we are growing there.  Not one of the four suits can exist without, in one way or another, some degree of dependence on the others.

I agree that all four suits need to be in balance for a well-rounded spiritual and physical lifestyle.  All the suits work together to accomplish this.  We need not let our thoughts of anger or hostility overtake our thoughts for creating a good life and helping others.  We need not let our emotions of sadness, jealousy, or hate prevent us from experiencing the joys of living, and the beauty that surrounds us.

We all, as humans, need to focus on the positive aspects of each suit, and not on their negativity. By doing so, we would not only create peace, harmony, healing, and balance in our own lives, but we could help the world we live in to feel the same.

I think our thoughts on this subject, Christiana, could open up a flood of opinions.  Tarot is so much more than reading the cards—it is a lifestyle, a life-changing momentum, and a glimpse into a future we could all make better.

  I am looking forward to reading more from you–your thoughts always stir up a lot of emotion in me (thus, swords, and cups)!