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Spirituality does not belong to any one religion. No matter what our beliefs may be—God, Gods, Goddesses, Buddha, Great Spirit, Wicca, Paganism, or any other religious belief.  An atheist or agnostic can be spiritual, also.  Spirituality dwells inside each of us. It is not praying in a temple, or lighting a candle in church.  It is not following the rituals of the religion that we have been taught.  It is not a matter of blind belief or we will be going to hell. It is not believing the devil will claim us if we choose to not believe in the dogma of religious formalities and instruction.  Hell can exist right here on earth because we are all capable of making life hell for ourselves and others. It is not a matter of living a good life and believing in God and that we will meet in heaven when our life here on earth is over. One does not even have to believe that heaven and hell exist.

Do not assume that because a person does not believe in the writings of the bible that they are not a spiritual person. Everyone has the right to question religion, the bible, or any other religious beliefs that we are taught or have learned.  Some use religion as a crutch to lean on when they are undergoing hard times, praying that things will improve.  Some say it is God’s will when their world collapses around them. Some believe that everything good that has happened to them in this lifetime has been God’s gift to them. So many events begin with prayer.  So many winners thank God in their speeches.  Their winning effort is not God’s doing, but by their own hard work and persistence in perfecting their talent.

Spirituality is how each of us respects the world we live in, the people of the world, the plants, the birds, the animals, and mostly ourselves.  If we are true to ourselves, if we treat others the way we hope they will treat us, if we live with kindness and love towards all man and creatures, we are spiritual.

Spirituality is in our hearts, and it should also be in our minds daily.  We should all strive to live an honorable life. Whether rich or poor, what is in our hearts and how we treat the world is what defines our spirituality.