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Tarot of Transformation Master (King) of CupsAnything can happen at a Tarot Circle meeting.  At our last Tarot Circle meeting in West Palm Beach, I became the King of Cups!

I wasn’t looking for a new significator.  The Queen of Wands has represented me beautifully since I chose her, or she chose me, in the mid 1990’s.

In the Tarot Circle meeting, we did a series of tarot exercises to help us each discern our spiritual path, and to hear the voice of Spirit.

When my Final Outcome card came up as the King of Cups, Lori suggested that I was actually becoming the King of Cups.

I had to think about that.

While the King of Cups is normally reserved for males, I do have a lot of yang energy.

The King is the leader, and the authority.  That is perfect for where I want to go in my career, and in my life.

The King is Fire, which honors my Queen of Wands nature, my Leo rising, and my passionate, creative nature.

As the King of Cups, he is also Water, which honors my Scorpio birth sign, and my desire to be compassionate and loving in all that I do.

As “Fire of Water,” the King of Cups can be a contradiction.  As water sometimes extinguishes fire, I am often guilty of being my own worst enemy.  But, in perfect balance, the King of Cups represents a person who exemplifies love in action.

Nicely, many modern tarot decks leave room for folks of either gender to identify with any of the Court cards.  Some artists have remained the King as Master, Shaman, Exemplar, or Sage.  That makes it easier to fit my female self into this male card.

As I adopt this new significator, I am well aware that I am not yet deserving of it.  But, by adopting it, I set my intention to one day embody the energy of the King of Cups.