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Springtime has always been special to me.  Living up North, springtime meant the end of the dreary winter season that I dreaded and distained.  Now that I live in Florida, I still love spring because of what it represents spiritually.

Even though we have a year-round growing season here, springtime still represents renewal, rebirth and rejuvenation.  The theme of resurrection is still pertinent.

That spring theme of resurrection is part of doctrine in many religions, including Pagan Ostara and Christian Easter.

Another aspect of the vernal equinox around which all the spring holidays are based is that it marks the increasing return of the sun, and advancement toward the “light half” of the year.

As an exercise in Tarot Circle, I asked folks to look at four cards to discuss the move from the “dark half” which is the internal, introspective time, to the “light half” which is the external, extroverted time.

For this exercise, I chose the Magician, the High Priestess, the Sun and the Moon.

The Magician and the Sun share the same numerology, both being number one.  The Magician and the Sun are both elementally masculine; the Magician being Air and the Sun Fire.  The High Priestess and the Moon are both feminine Water.

In many ways, the Magician discusses the ways we learn in the outer world, the High Priestess discusses the ways we lean in our inner world.  The Sun may represent our public doings; the Moon may represent our more secretive doings.

The process of comparing and contrasting these four cards in this context was very enlightening.

At this time of balance between light and dark, outer and inner, it is interesting to look at these cards to see the wisdom and subsequent action that can happen in the outer world with the Magician and Sun, and the inner world, with the High Priestess and Moon.

As we move toward the time of light, we take the wisdom of the High Priestess and the Moon with us, and use the energy of the Magician and the Sun to let that wisdom shine for the world to see.