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Today is Friday the 13th.  To set the record straight, Friday the 13th is considered “unlucky” because it is a very magickal day.  If you do magick on Friday the 13th, your magick will be strong and powerful.

In the times when people were afraid of magick, and were afraid that people would “cast spells on them” Friday the 13th got its unfortunate reputation.

So, today is a good day for magick!  Plant a seed, bake some bread, cast a spell for healing, or do a tarot reading.  Whatever you do today, do it with magickal intent.  When you go to the gym, visualize yourself becoming strong and fit.  When you eat your meals, visualize them as filled with healing energy.

That’s what magick is, really.  It is energetic power that comes from intent, and from visualization.  It is strengthened by the use of magickal tools such as crystals, herbs, metals and symbols.  You can do effective magick without those tools, but you can’t do it without the intent, or the vision.

So today, where ever you are and whatever you are doing, make it magickal!