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Two Card SpreadMost tarotists are familiar with the handy-dandy ever popular three-card spreads.  There is Past, Present and Future, Morning Afternoon and Evening and Body, Mind and Spirit.  Three-card spreads are easy, fun, and extremely useful.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a lot about two-card spreads.  We played with some last night at Tarot Circle in Jupiter.  There’s Help and Hinder, Either Or, Stay or Go, Work and Play, Inner World and Outer World or any other you might imagine.

Two-card spreads are great for a quick reading, for making a decision, or as an adjunct to a larger reading.

Because two-card readings are so small – only two cards – you can be very specific about your question.  If the cards don’t make sense to you, you can pull clarifying cards and still keep the reading short and sweet.

Sometimes two-card readings can be very clear in their answer.   Other times they show a balance, as if the decision you are agonizing over shouldn’t be an agony at all.  Sometimes, neither choice is a bad choice.   Maybe it really is all about what you actually want.

I’m not sure how I got this far into my tarot journey without exploring these wonderful little spreads.  It just goes to show that tarot exploration is limitless.  In a world of things that don’t live up to their hype, tarot is a breath of fresh air.   Tarot will never be boring.

What two-card spreads can you think of?