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A Confident ReaderSometimes it seems that talented tarot readers are not as confident in their skills, and in the demand for their services, as they should be.  In fact, I notice a lot of professional insecurity amongst many metaphysical professionals, including yoga instructors, healers and other practitioners.

If you are not fully trained, or haven’t developed the professional-levels skills you need, you aren’t ready to be professional.  But if you are trained, and you know in your heart that your skills are good, it is time to move forward in confidence.

Over the years, I have heard skilled readers make statements such as the following.

“People can’t afford tarot readings right now.  I understand that.”

“People around here just aren’t interested in having readings.”

“There are no restaurants in the area that would want to have a tarot reader to entertain their customers.”

“People are afraid of tarot cards.”

If your belief system holds statements such as this as true, I can guarantee you that you will never be successful.

If you are truly serious about building a professional practice, examine the things you believe to be true about your community, your skills and your tools.  Remove negative beliefs such as the ones above, and replace them with new beliefs, such as the following.

“Many people have discretionary income, and can afford my services.”

“People are interested in what I do.”

“There are many local businesses that would enjoy co-promotional events with me.”

“People are curious about tarot and metaphysics.”

Simply by changing what you say to yourself about your business will improve your confidence, and improve your business!

Whether you are a healer, a teacher or a reader, this basic exercise of changing your beliefs will make a difference for you.