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The Tarot Picnic,  by Joanne Matthew  ©


The tarot cards are having a summer picnic. The Sun is shining brightly today. The Fool organized this event, so it may be a little unorganized. The Magician is trying to manipulate the activities so everyone will have a good time. The Empress is pregnant again, and she is busy keeping an eye on all her children–the pages and princesses of all four suits. The Emperor has taken responsibility for being a father figure to all her children. The High Priestess is sitting in a quiet corner, meditating, and waiting to assist anyone who comes by, seeking her advice. The Heirophant is performing a marriage ceremony for the Lovers, who decided it would be the perfect venue for their wedding. The Chariot is being readied for a great racing event later in the day, and is counting on Strength to help run strong and win.  The Hermit is sitting under a willow tree, all by himself, meditating on the event’s status. The Queens are having a “bitchin’ session” and no men are allowed to join their conversations and fun. The Kings are under another tent, talking business, as usual, and can’t seem to let loose and have a little fun. The Knights are playing competitive games, each one trying to out-do the other. Justice is attempting to be the moderator of their games and be fair in judging the winners. The Devil is tempting everyone to spin the Wheel Of Fortune, hoping he can get some addicted to gambling, but Temperance is standing by to slow it down and try to control their impulsive behavior. The Hanged Man is hanging by his feet from a tree branch, watching all the others from his own upside down view and wondering if he should stay that way, or join the crowd. Death is waiting for someone, anyone, to get seriously injured, and encouraging bad habits in anyone he can influence. The little princesses and pages have built a Tower over in the sandbox, but the Chariot knocked it down as it went out of control during a test run. Judgement had to decide whether or not he should be punished for the accident. By now, the day was ending, and the Moon was shining brightly above. Everyone made their wishes on the Star above, as they all said goodbyes, and thanked the World for such a beautiful, happy day together.