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The Major Arcana in Today’s Political Arena ©


By Joanne Matthew 


If the major arcana of the tarot were involved in the political arena of this day and age, they might possibly assume the following roles:


The Fool might be running for office, unaware of what lies ahead.

The Magician might be a lobbyist, trying to manipulate votes.

The High Priestess might be a campaign manager who knows everybody’s secrets.

The Empress might be a pregnant mistress.

The Emperor might be the Speaker of the House, acting more like a dictator.

The Hierophant might be arguing against the separation of church and state.

The Lovers might be having a cover-up affair.

The Chariot might be Air Force One.

Strength might represent the need to stand up and fight for our rights.

The Hermit might be the Vice President, with knowledge, but hardly the voice to use that knowledge.

The Wheel of Fortune might indicate taking our chances in each election, as to which candidate is best.

Justice might be the Supreme Court, hopefully making the correct decisions.

The Hanged Man might indicate waiting to see which way the wind blows before casting his vote.

Death might be the defeat of any bill the opposite party proposes.

Temperance might be the struggle to be bi-partisan.

The Devil might indicate those hanging on to bias and hatred.

The Tower might symbolize the need to tear down and rebuild regarding our elected officials.

The Star indicates our wishes for a better tomorrow.

The Moon may indicate deceit, not seeing the truth, or shadows lurking to undermine progress.

The Sun is an awakening to the light and promise of better things to come.

Judgment is when the consequences of actions are realized and must be faced.

The World is the realization of peace, love, and hope for all, at last.