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RWS Eight of SwordsWhen we talk about tarot, or write about tarot, the energy of the cards we are addressing often shows up.  For instance, while talking about the Fool in a tarot class, three young ladies enter the classroom – they are lost, and looking for directions to the room in which they belong.  While talking about the Two of Cups, all the married students suddenly receive a text from their partners.

Yes, this really happens.  Tarot cards have a way of immediately inserting their energy into our lives.  That’s why tarot magick works so well.

While proofreading a writing project about the Minor Arcana pip cards, I discovered I had made three typos.  The typos were in the descriptions of the Eight of Wands, Eight of Cups and Eight of Pentacles.  Why were all the typos in the eights?   In tarot, eight is the number of motion.  I must have been moving too quickly, and made hasty errors.

Why, then, did I not make a mistake with the Eight of Swords?  The suit of Swords relates to the element of Air, which correlates with powers of the mind.  While working with the suit of Swords, their “brain” energy would have helped me concentrate, focus and pay attention.

This is just another quirky example of the brilliant synchronicity tarot creates.  Watch for it in your own tarot endeavors!