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My Review of Tarot Dynamics Unleashed,  by Anna Burroughs Cook


Tarot Dynamics Unleashed takes the information in Anna’s first book, Tarot Dynamics, to a new level.  The book begins with the basic information from Tarot Dynamics—the do’s and don’ts, the introduction to Anna’s system, getting started in tarot, and well-explained definitions of the traditional card meanings. This is a good refresher course for those who read the first book,  and a good basic understanding for those who are starting out in tarot and have not read the first one.


Tarot Dynamics Unleashed then goes into detailed information connecting astrology to the cards. Whereas Anna does not typically use an astrological sign card in her readings, she thoroughly explains how and why this can be done.  According to the information given, I am in the strange position of being not one, but two significators—a cross between the Queen of Pentacles, and the Queen of Swords. I was not only born on the cusp, but on the exact day of the change, which is even disputed by some as to when one stops, and the other begins. I, personally, have never used a signature card in my readings, but if I choose to do so, now I have some insight as to how it should be done.


Timing is another chapter featured in this book.  Often, time is hard to predict. Anna states that the more often a card may appear, the more impact it will have. She states that when a card appears twice, it is a pattern, but when it appears, three or more times, it is a problem. The stronger the feeling of a particular card, the more quickly it will come to pass.  However, as always, she states that rules are meant to be broken. Sometimes events take longer than expected, sometimes, sooner.  Anna stresses honesty regarding timing, and that you should always let your clients know one can never be exactly sure of timing. Anna has included a very handy and helpful timing guide to aid timing predictions.


One part of tarot that I have always subscribed to is that when a card falls out of a deck, it has a significant meaning to the reading.  “What falls to the floor, comes to the door”, as Anna states. She tells us that cards that fall face down will be felt at a later time, and those that fall face up are more closely related to the present or near-future.


Spreads are another important chapter in this book.  Anna believes  the more you use a particular spread, the more proficient you become at interpreting the meaning.  I enjoy designing my own spreads, but hardly ever use the more detailed, popular spreads. This is an area that I need to concentrate on learning more about.  I tend to use the one, two, or three card spreads—card of the day, yes or no, morning-afternoon-evening, past-present-future.  Anna suggests separating the major arcana cards and doing a personal spread to understand what your inner-self is telling you. I find this method to be very enlightening.


She goes on to speak of the moon and its astrological connections to tarot, with details of the influence of the moon to the cards, using many examples.  Anna also includes charts showing each card of the four suits with its corresponding moon positions.


This is a book for all tarot readers and students.  Whether you follow Anna’s system, or have your own, there is a wealth of information to be learned from Tarot Dynamics Unleashed.  This is a book not only to be added to your tarot library, but to be studied time and time again to further your knowledge of tarot and enhance your abilities as a reader of tarot.