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Ten of CupsThis has got to be one of my favorite cards. I kept an image of it on my kitchen wall when my children were growing up.

Generally, the Ten of Cups is pictured as a family together. Sometimes there is a house, and sometimes a rainbow. I call it the “they all lived happily ever after” card.

But no one ever really lives happily ever after, do they? So what does this card really mean when it comes up in a reading, or, as it did for me today, as a COTD?

The Ten of Cups can indicate a happy love relationship, a happy family situation or a happy home. Yes, difficulty can happen even in happy homes. This card offers no immunity.

In tarot, the “ten” cards are a completion, or a fulfillment. The Cups are about emotion. So maybe a simple interpretation of this card could be “emotional fulfillment.”

What fulfills us emotionally is very subjective. For some, it is home, family and children, as we see in the card. For others, it might be creative pursuits, travel or animals.

Perhaps this card begs a question. What is it that fulfills you emotionally? For me, it really is about the relationships in my life. Drawing this card as a COTD reminds me that the love I share with family and friends is something to be celebrated, today and every day.