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The word “solution” has so many meanings! A solution can be the answer to a puzzle or a mathematical equation. It can be the answer to a problem in life. Many businesses are using the word “solution” to describe a helpful product or service. In this context, there are “toenail solutions,” “transportation solutions” and “weight loss solutions.”

In chemistry, a solution is a homogenous mixture of two or more substances.

If we blend (or make a solution of) all of these possible meanings, we find that we can solve our problems by mixing different things together.

That brings us to the “cosmic bartender” of tarot, Major Arcana 14, Temperance.  In the RWS image, we see an angel pouring from cup to cup. The angel is mixing a solution, without spilling a drop.

Traditionally, Temperance is the card of art, time and alchemy. Common keywords for this card include caution, patience and balance.  But there is something deeper here. There is a deeper…solution.

Temperance reminds us that nothing is ever perfect. But if we blend a little of this and a little of that, we will find the right balance and the perfect blend. By artfully and patiently mixing different aspects of our life, our skills, our knowledge and our resources together, we find the perfect blend, the perfect balance, and the right solution.

Here is a poem I wrote for this card.


Water poured from cup to cup, and metal turned to gold
Sorrow turned to patience, and ego turned to mould.

One foot on the water, another balancing on land
Not a drop is spilt by the angel’s gentle hand.

Caution guards the recipe, stirring grace with balance
Art and time make alchemy with these select ingredients.

Change forged of disappointment, mingling with hope
Built on tragic lessons learned that gave us skill to cope.

Expectation and assumption gone, accepting what will be
Still the angel blends the cups, creating perfectly.

Perfect are the cups’ contents, and perfect is the measure
And perfect are the woes and joys, blended into treasure.