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The Question: There’s an opportunity to start a new venture. What are the energies surrounding it?

The cards: (Note: this is a three card spread, no specific meanings attached to any of the positions. Cards are listed from left to right.) King of Swords, King of Wands reversed, The Hierophant reversed


I see this idea as being a rather smart one, or strong suggestion for the new venture, coming from an intelligent, confident source (King of Swords). However, the King of Wands reversed may indicate a hesitation, or lack of enthusiasm on the part of one person involved.  The Heirophant reversed, to me, indicates that either the person does not have enough faith in his/her ideas to make this a success, or is being restricted and not being allowed to be a free thinker.

Perhaps the King of Swords is not allowing others involved in this venture to give their input into the program. The King of Swords is a very strong personality–maybe too domineering in this situation.  For the venture to succeed, they must all be on board with creativity, aggression, faith, and committment.