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The Question: Which card is your significator, and why?

My answer to this question is in an earlier post on this very same blog site. I have always identified myself with the Nine of Pentacles, and here is why:



©Why I Am The Nine Of Pentacles

I am an anomaly—a deviation from the normal, standard definition of the Nine of Pentacles.  And yet, I AM the Nine of Pentacles.  My home, my surroundings, my possessions are important to me.  Most important of all are family, my animals, and the love of the natural beauty in the world around me.  Much of that natural beauty is abound in the confines of my home.  I surround myself with objects of nature.  Paintings of beautiful deer, moose, bear, birds, sheep, and so many other reminders of the serene natural world we live in.  This is my sanctuary. 

The Nine of Pentacles traditionally is connected to financial security.  That is where my contradiction comes into the picture.  There is no financial security in my life.  However, I have managed to survive the trials and tribulations I have encountered with the strength inside of me, and with help from those in my life who care about me.

To me, the Nine of Pentacles is not financial security—it is the security of knowing who I am inside, and what I love and appreciate about my world.  I find my peace and security in this little shell I have constructed around me.  It protects me from the harsh reality of the world.  It comforts me when everything looks the darkest.

I cannot hate those who have harmed me.  I cannot be jealous of those who have more money or material possessions.  Yes, financial security makes life so much easier to live, and one day my life may become easier for achieving it, but I can only be true to myself.  I have to believe that I will survive and always be the Nine of Pentacles, a well-grounded individual, content in my garden and my world.