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The key to learning Tarot fast is to keep your study simple and focused. If you’re just starting out, focus on one Tarot suit at a time and follow these 4 simple activities until you feel confident with the Suit. Then move to the next Suit and in no time you will have mastered all four Suits and will be well on your way to reading Tarot with confidence!

1. Familiarise Yourself with the Cards

First, select the Suit that you will be working with (i.e. Cups, Pentacles, Swords or Wands).

Take out all of the cards from the selected Suit from your Tarot deck and lay them in front of you.

Study each card, looking at the imagery and taking note of your initial thoughts and feelings.

Now, test yourself. Go through each card and make sure that you can name each one.

2. Prepare a Tarot Suit Summary

Drawing upon your existing knowledge of the cards or your research from your favourite Tarot books, do the following:

  • Record the element associated with the selected Suit.
  • Write down the keywords or key phrases you would associate with the Suit.
  • List what you would see as the positive aspects and the negative or shadow aspects.
  • List what types of day-to-day activities and events you would associate with the Suit (e.g. Pentacles – going to work, working on a project, managing budgets, etc.).
  • Identify what personality types and characteristics are associated with the Suit.
  • Collect images or pictures from magazines, photos or the internet that you would associate with the Suit and create a collage with those images.

3. Create a Keyword Chart

Start with the Ace and begin to study it. What thoughts, emotions, or energy do you get from the card? What words or phrases come to mind? What is this card trying to tell you?

Write down every thought, idea, word, phrase or sentence that comes to mind.

Look up the card meaning in The Ultimate Guide to Tarot Card Meanings or your other Tarot books. Search for common words or themes and write down the keywords that stand out to you.

Review your list and select 3-4 keywords or phrases that collectively represent the card. Enter these keywords into your keyword chart.

Rinse and repeat with the every card in the selected Suit and in no time you’ll have your very own Tarot keyword chart.

4. Give Advice According to the Suit

Imagine you are giving a friend some advice about creating a budget / finding love / making a career move. What would you tell him or her from the perspective of the selected Suit?

For example, going on a holiday…

  • Cups – Go with your closest friends, people who you really love spending time with.
  • Pentacles – Make sure you save up enough money so you can enjoy the trip.
  • Swords – Do your research before you go. You’ll need to choose which places to visit.
  • Wands – Be spontaneous when you can.

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