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Samhain – October 31

By Joanne Matthew ©


Do you see it? Do you feel  it?

Can you sense it in the air around you?

The veil is thinning—ever thinning.

Thinner on Halloween night than any other night of the year.

On  this night, ghosts and spirits will roam among us.

A chance to connect with our loved ones of the past who have departed this living world.

Spirits,  also, of our pets that protected us, and offered us their unconditional love.

We will see them in our dreams.

We will hear them in the wind, calling our name.

We will feel them brush against us, or touch our cheek.

We will catch a glimpse of a shadow and know they are with us.

Call it Halloween, call it Samhain, call it Day of the Dead, call it All Souls Day.

The name does not matter.

What matters is that they are with us always, and offer us this chance,

This one time of the year,

This best of times to connect their world to ours.

The time of the year to celebrate life and love and cherished memories.

This is the Pagan New Year celebration.

A new beginning, a celebration of our ever-lasting bond with the past.

Embrace your ghosts, your spirits, your loved ones,

Never forget they loved you, as you loved them.


Blessed Samhain, everyone!