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The Tarot Moon Card:

Just after dark, and not long after the power went out during Hurricane Sandy, I happened to look out my back slider, checking on the trees and conditions.  To the east, I saw the moon rising—a beautiful full, glowing moon.  A “bad moon rising,” as if to say, Hurricane Sandy will not stop me!  So, wouldn’t you know that an hour later, I decided I would step outside onto the porch and snap a picture or two of this beautiful, defiant moon, and found the skies clouded over, with no sign of the moon! Did Sandy scare it into hiding? I doubt that! I am sure before the night is over, the moon will again shine overhead in the darkness—our ray of hope!

This night reinforces my feeling of the Moon card in tarot. This moon above may shine like a beautiful lighted ball in the sky, but it has many facets. It is a light in the darkness to guide us along an otherwise dark path.  It can distort the true vision and colors of our world. It controls our tides, our life cycles. It can mask hidden dangers close by and create feelings of distrust and deceit.  It can control our emotions, our life cycles, and our tides. It can predict stormy weather by the colors and haze that surround it. It can make us fall in love, and it can make us crazy.

The Moon card in tarot can represent all of these traits, and more. The card is as multi-faceted as the moon itself, and as our lives.