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I am writing this as a tarot teacher to tarot students, but there is probably some truth here for all students.

No matter how good your teacher is, your teacher has weaknesses and limitations; we all do. So often the strengths of the teacher become the strengths of the student, and the limitations of the teacher become the limitations of the student.

There is very little the teacher can do to avoid this; the responsibility lies with the student.

As a teacher, all I can do is ask you to take these seven important steps to avoid limitations.

  1. Choose your teacher wisely. Make sure your teacher has the appropriate skill and knowledge, and that you connect with your teacher’s particular style.
  2. Avoid jealous teachers. Avoid those who don’t encourage you to grow beyond their abilities and success. Avoid teachers who discourage you from having other teachers.
  3. Avoid teachers who don’t encourage you to develop your own style, and want you to read and interpret just the way they do.
  4. Make sure you have many teachers, and study many books. Don’t be confused by the variety of information, even if some of it conflicts. Take what works for you and don’t worry about the rest.
  5. Understand that if you can learn from many sources, you will have a greater sum total of knowledge than any one person could give you.
  6. Study on your own. Read, write, think and meditate. Tarot knowledge is something that grows within you.
  7. Spend time with your tarot friends, in person or on line. We all learn from each other when we spend time together.

I love teaching, and I love watching my students grow. Follow these seven steps to make sure that you reach your full potential. That is what the best teachers want for their students.