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I love compare and contract exercises in tarot. It is always enlightening to think about what cards have in common with each other, and ways in which they differ.

It is particularly interesting to look at the two Major Arcana cards Justice and Judgment this way.

What do Justice and Judgment have in common, other than that their names are both words you might hear in a courtroom?

I associate the word “karma” with both of them. To be fair, I also associate karma with the Wheel of Fortune.

I think both Justice and Judgment teach a lesson of forgiveness and acceptance. Both cards suggest the need to “do the right thing.” Both cards suggest the need to trust a Higher Power.

So in what way are these cards different? For me, Justice is about finding a balance, while Judgment is about surrendering to transformation. Justice is about trusting a Higher Power to sort things out, while in Judgment the Higher Power speaks directly with us.

Justice offers us fairness while Judgment offers us rebirth.

How do you compare and contrast these two cards?

Which cards are the most obvious go-to for a compare and contrast exercise for you?