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Tarot Thankfulness:

I’m not sure where to begin with this subject.  Should I write about thankfulness in receiving, or giving a reading, or the meanings of thankfulness in the cards? All three, perhaps?

Thankfulness in giving a reading is the inner satisfaction that I receive when I am able to shed light on a situation or problem, and help guide my clients to make the right decisions.

Thankfulness in receiving a reading is pretty much the same, except that it applies to me. The reader has given me answers and guidance that I was not able to see for myself. There are times when we are just too close to a situation or problem to think rationally, and therefore, we seek the advice and insight from another trusted reader.

As for the cards, we can be thankful for any number of them in a reading…..the Strength card, for giving us the courage to hold on; the Tower, for suggesting that we tear down what is not working and start over; the Sun, for giving us hope that tomorrow will be brighter; the Magician, for letting us know we have what it takes to succeed; the Three of Swords, for acknowledgement and to begin to heal our broken hearts; the Devil, for bringing to light our inner demons so we can initiate change; Death, to remind us there will be rebirth; the Chariot, to give us control over our destiny; the Star, to always believe our wishes are important; the Four of Cups, to tell us to look at what we have in front of us, and not dwell on what is gone—–every card in the tarot deck can bring vital information into our lives. We can be thankful for every card that turns up in our readings, the good, or the bad, because they all give us the opportunity to heal, to change, and to grow.