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A  Major Arcana Thanksgiving ©

By Joanne Matthew

The Fool decided to invite the Major Arcana for Thanksgiving dinner.  Magician is doing the cooking, as he has all the necessary kitchen tools, plus the skill to get everything on the table, hot and all at the same time. The High Priestess is watching, studying, and absorbing all his culinary secrets. She may share them with you, or she may not.

As usual, the Empress is trying to keep an eye on all the little ones, as she also helps by setting up the kiddie table. The Emperor is telling the kids stories of his great adventures and what a hero he once was, while the Heirophant rehearses the benediction he will give at the start of dinner.

The Lovers are cuddling together in a corner of the room, oblivious to anyone else or what is happening. They only see each other.

The Chariot is ferrying guests from the bus station to the event. Strength is just—-strength—trying to hold on and make it through such a hectic and busy day, and the Hermit stands outside, shining his light so the guests will find their way to the door, as he reflects on the true meaning of the holiday.

The Wheel of Fortune is causing everyone to experience up and down moods, with arguments one minute, and all laughing together the next. Justice always wins out in most of the disagreements.

The Hanged Man is practicing his yoga meditations so he can avoid over-eating

 Death is waiting for the turkey to be reborn and rise from the ashes as did the phoenix, but that’s not going to happen!

Temperance is busy mixing the drinks and making sure everyone drinks in moderation. However, the Devil is hoping someone over-indulges in food and especially drink.

If there are many more guests coming, the Tower will simply collapse.  It was only given a capacity limit of 10,000.

The star is hovering over the dinner table, providing light on the glorious feast. The Moon, being very jealous, got a bit emotional when it was told it could only be mood lighting for this night. The Sun shone brightly in every heart, while each guest faced their own Judgment by stating their reasons for being thankful.

The World proclaimed everyone be happy, be thankful, be at peace, and be together on this holiday of family and appreciation.