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Tarot and the Full Moon ©

I have written previously about my feelings toward this beautiful, haunting ball of light in the night sky. Whether it be the glowing full moon, or a tiny sliver of light, or even the dark of the new moon—there, but unseen—it is a mysterious energy in our lives. 

When the moon card comes up in a reading, it can mean treachery, distrust, and dangers lurking in the shadows. It can mean shining a light on a dark path through our lives. It can tell one that he/she might be acting a little bit crazy over a situation.

So much in tarot depends on surrounding cards, and this adds to the mystery and magick of the moon. It is not what it appears to be.  It has more depth, perhaps, than so many other cards. The meanings are much like the phases of the moon—-some easily seen, some mysteriously hidden.  It is always there, but not always obvious.  The surrounding cards can define the purpose of the moon in our reading.

Being a full moon on a tarot card highlights the power of this mysterious object shining down on us so brightly. The full moon, more visible than other phases, is the most mysterious and the most powerful. It is large, it is bright, it dominates the night sky. This moon, so full, so bright, also dominates our lives. It must shine bright—it must be large and full—it must remind us of how much control it has on our world—our cycles, our tides, our emotions.  If this card comes up in your reading, look at the world around you in a different light. The moon is telling you to do that.  Look for yourself in that full moon, and learn from what you see.

Man conquered the moon, and whatever it’s meaning in a tarot reading, we can conquer the message or warning it is bringing to our lives.  We just need to be aware of its existence.