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Sometimes nothing makes sense and everything seems to be going wrong. Sometimes things hit us from left field. Sometimes we feel brought to our knees, shaking our fist at the sky.

When we feel this way, or when a tarot client feels this way, there is only one thing to do.

It’s time for a WTF reading!

A WTF reading can be a custom-made spread designed to ask the Universe to explain what is really going on.

A WTF reading can be a single card pulled after asking the Universe “WTF?”

A WTF reading can be a tarot dialogue. You can start with a broad question, like “WTF?” and pull a card, or a few cards, to answer it. Then you can ask more specific questions, each time pulling a card or a few cards. Shuffle the cards back into the deck between each question, and pay attention if certain cards repeat.

A WTF reading can happen after you do an overview with a comprehensive spread and discover a great deal of misery in the cards.

A WTF reading relies on one basic theory. No matter how crazy and difficult things may appear, the Universe has a plan that involves our highest good. Although the Universe does not always choose to share that plan with us we can use tarot to gain snippets of insight into what that plan may be.

Some good WTF questions to ask include:

What is the purpose of all this?

What positive things will come from this?

What am I supposed to learn from all of this?

How can I best weather this storm?

What resources do I have to help me at this time?

Why is this happening at this time?

Often when things start to go wrong they do so in a cluster. Often we can look at the cluster and find a common theme. Then we can find a specific message or insight by doing a reading on that common theme.

Why is this theme important in my life?

What can I learn from this theme?

What (if anything) can I do to keep this theme from repeating?

Something else to consider is the principle of “As Above, So Below.” Whatever is happening on a spiritual level is happening on a mundane level, and vice versa. So if the problems are of the mundane world, the question to ask is what is happening in your spiritual world that might be reflecting those problems, and what you can do to correct the situation. If the problems are happening on a more spiritual level there may be simple things you can do in the mundane world to help make a correction.

Even when things are most dire, most difficult or most frustrating, tarot can help us learn from our difficulties, understand our spiritual path and give us the clues we need to survive and thrive.