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Many people have keywords like “poverty” to describe the Five of Pentacles. In the most common images we see people who are injured and bedraggled. They are walking in the snow, and walking right past a building where they could find the things they need. Surely, at the moment, they are indeed impoverished.

Some tarot authors have written about the Five of Pentacles in regards to love relationships – being left out in the cold, or a failure to make the relationship work.

When I see the number five in tarot I always think about expansion. To me, five represents what it takes to leave the comfort zone and push out to the place where the magick happens.

The poor people in the Five of Pentacles have the opportunity to walk in to the building, instead of walking by it. There is an opportunity there that they refuse to see.

For me, the keyword for the Five of Pentacles is “opportunity.” This card is an invitation to reevaluate the situation, and find the opportunity within it. What are you not seeing that could help you?