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One of my favorite tarot exercises is to group cards together in twos and threes and see what they have in common.

This is especially fun with the Major Arcana. This exercise can help us understand the many facets of a particular card.

For instance, follow the High Priestess through these different groupings.

  1. High Priestess and Magician
    Here we see two types of education, and two ways of dealing with the world. The Magician is learning by looking out into the world, the High Priestess is learning by looking within.
  1. High Priestess, Hierophant, Hermit
    Here we have the three clergy of the Major Arcana. We could see them as nun, priest and monk.
  1. High Priestess, Hermit, Moon
    Here we have three cards about hidden wisdom, secrets and deep spiritual journeying.
  1. High Priestess, Moon
    Here we have two cards that speak of the feminine mysteries.

 What do you see in the High Priestess that you hadn’t seen before?

What other groupings make sense to you?