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Dear Friend,

I am so excited that you now have a tarot deck! Perhaps you are returning to tarot after a long absence. Perhaps this is your very first deck. In either case I want to welcome you to what I know will be a wonderful journey.

As you begin this journey I want to offer you some thoughts.

There are a wealth of tarot books, classes, decks and websites available to you. Enjoy the ones you like and don’t worry about the ones you don’t like. There is a tarot deck, a tarot class and a tarot style for every taste. Don’t be confused by conflicting interpretations and traditions. Choose the interpretations that work best for you. Follow the traditions that make sense to you.

Don’t be intimidated by the vast amount of information there is to learn. Even from day one tarot will make a difference in your life. You will learn a great deal over time, but don’t make a chore of it unless you want to.

Also, don’t be intimated by other readers. Most experienced readers are really great down-to-earth people who are ready to welcome you, teach you and even learn from you. But once in a while you’ll find a pompous know-it-all. Don’t respond to arrogance, and don’t believe that you need to deal with obnoxious people in order to learn tarot.

Don’t let the cards scare you. Tarot should never be about fear. If you get a card that seems negative, talk with your tarot friends about what it might mean. You may be surprised by the insight you receive.

When you ask questions of the cards, make sure to phrase the questions in a way that will give the cards room to be helpful. And, make sure you interpret the cards in the context of the question.

Remember that tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom. As you learn to interpret each card make sure you also learn the spiritual lesson of the card. Your understanding of these cards, their meanings and their lessons will change and grow over time. The ability for tarot to assist in your spiritual growth will remain constant.

There is no one best use of the cards. Some people read for others, some read only for themselves. Some people like to discuss the cards in classes and groups. Some people like to create tarot art. Others collect tarot decks. Still others use the cards for study, magick, meditation or to inspire creativity. Tarot can fit into your life anywhere you want it to.

Be spiritual about tarot, not superstitious. Tarot can help you understand yourself, your life, your path and your connection to Higher Power. Many people are misinformed about tarot – don’t listen to their ignorance.

And finally, have fun!