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I always pay attention to synchronicity, so when I found myself thinking and talking about psychometry twice in one week I figured I should pay attention.

The first instance was talking with a person who was telling me that she could “read stuff” by touch. To her, this seemed a little weird. I explained that this is called psychometry, and is a wonderful psychic gift.

The second was when I was watching the new episode of Dr. Who. The Doctor and Clara visited a planet where everyone was psychometric. Sentimental objects were used as currency. The more history and meaning an object had, the more it was worth.

I think most people have some ability to feel energy through touch. A fun exercise is to ask a friend to let your hold their watch, keys or jewelry.

Hold the object in your hands and breathe. I like to close my eyes. See what you feel in your hands, and what comes into your mind, or your mind’s eye. Tell your friend what you feel and what you see. You might be surprised at how much information comes to you.

Some tarot readers find this technique to be a great adjunct to a tarot reading.