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Do I Let Others Read With My Cards? ©


I recently answered a question on a Facebook group as to whether or not I let others read with my cards. Well, my obvious, instant reply was “NO.” But why do I say no to this question?


Truth be told, I have an intimate and passionate relationship with my decks. Most, if not all, have been chosen because of a visual attraction to the artwork, or the intuitive emotions that the images bring forth. I have been known to semi-retire favorite decks because of wear and tear on them.  To purchase a second deck to be saved is not economically feasible for me. I can hardly even justify purchasing the number of decks in my collection in the first place!


I know decks can be cleansed by smudging, or exposure to the light of the full moon, or by other methods. However, I feel my energy is transmitted to the cards—or vice versa. I do not wish to have that energy interrupted by an outside interference.


At the beginning of a reading, I will shuffle the deck I have chosen to work with, and ask the client to cut the deck in any way they choose. During many readings, when the client asks a question, I often fan out the cards on the table and ask the client to pick a card, or several, for the answers. Occasionally, a client will pick up a card and ask why it means what it does, as the image will instill a different opinion in their minds.  At that time, we have a discussion in detail as to how the card is applied to their question, and how it relates to the surrounding cards.


This is a healthy interaction with the client. It is not on the same playing field as allowing another person to actually pick up one of my decks, shuffle the cards, and begin to read with it. Sure, their energy and their insight comes through the cards to them—but I cringe if the cards are shuffled too roughly, if a corner gets bent, or an edge splits.


My cards are an extension of me. I am the reader of my cards, and I am the one to impart insight and wisdom to my clients with these cards. At the end of the day, the deck is lovingly and carefully placed back on the altar, or on the shelf, joining the rest of my beautiful treasured decks until the next time I make the choice of which deck I shall use.


Overly protective, yes—as a wise tarot reader recently said, the cards themselves are,  after all, only cardboard—all the more reason to protect and care for them!