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It’s no secret that there is a lot of misinformation about tarot reading floating around. What makes matters worse are the many psychic scam artists that give tarot reading a bad name.

Even worse, sometimes we ourselves make our jobs harder.

There are many full-time, part-time and aspiring professional readers. Most of us are quite good at what we do and quite dedicated to the study, compassion and hard work that is required.

But even the best of us sometimes make decisions or cultivate attitudes that may make our jobs harder.

How many of these things have you done?

1. Automatically Assume Lack of Support
How many times have you pre-judged someone, thinking they are not familiar with or do not approve or believe in the work you do? So often it is those very people who have a tarot collection, seek monthly readings and attend classes.
Likewise, some readers preface their introduction of themselves with an apology, “I know not everyone believes in it, but I’m a tarot reader.”

If you want support from the people you meet, assume you already have it.


2. Fictionalize your Profession
There is a recent trend amongst tarotists to use words from Harry Potter and the like to describe their life. Readers who work a day job may refer to it as their “muggle” job, for instance. Some refer to their “powers” as if they were Samantha Stevens.

Tarot is real. The work we do is real. Don’t compare yourself to fictitious characters. Fiction doesn’t have to be believable. You do.


3. Be Undependable
If you are the kind of reader who can’t perform when you have stress, a headache or aren’t in the mood, be a tarot hobbyist. Professionals keep their commitments and never let their clients know if they are not in tip-top shape.


4. Be a Diva
I know readers who have a list of rules for house parties that make Mariah Carey’s performance rider look simple. If someone is willing to bring us into their home to read for their friends and family we need to do our best to suck it up if they don’t have a ready supply of Voss Water for us.


5. Be Apologetic about your Prices
Set a fair price that makes sense to you. Then, be proud of it. Don’t hem and haw, and don’t apologize. You know you’re worth it. Make sure the rest of the world knows too!


6. Neglect Current Technology
Do your best to make it easy for your clients to find you. Have a website that reads well on a mobile device, for instance. Use a good email service and have good payment options. Make it easy for your clients to connect with you and pay you.


7. Fail to Have a Sense of Humor
By all means, take yourself and your work seriously! But not so seriously that you can’t find the humor in things. Laugh at the psychic jokes told by nervous clients, even if you’ve heard them a hundred times. Tarot can be funny, and that’s ok.


8. Become Intimate with your Clients
Having sex with a client is just abusive. It happens more often than you would think. A reading is a very intimate thing, but have good boundaries. Don’t let the reading lead to true emotional and physical intimacy.


9. Misrepresent Tarot
You would not believe the number of professional readers who have not bothered to learn tarot basics. That is, basic tarot history and traditions. It is ok if you have different theories and practices than the norm, but you should at least be well-versed in current thinking. Don’t be guilty of spreading tarot superstitions or untruths to your clients and students.


Our profession as tarot readers is very flexible. Each of us is unique in the way we do what we do. We honor ourselves, each other, our clients and tarot when we do it the best way we can!