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Many of the best tarot readers agree when I say that we can use tarot to help us create our future. This better by far than using tarot to predict the future.

Here is a spread I have recently designed to help us achieve our goals.

As with the Law of Attraction and Creative Visualization, be clear about your goal when you perform this reading.

Use this spread for one specific goal at a time. For instance, think about your career goals, and perform the spread. Then address your relationship goals by performing the spread again.

Card 1: Your ultimate goal and purpose

Card 2: Where you are right now in regards to achieving your goal

Card 3: What you like about where you are right now

Card 4: What you don’t like about where you are right now

Card 5: What more you want to achieve

Card 6: What more is possible for you to achieve

Card 7: What you need to do to achieve your goal