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There are so many talented healers, readers and coaches in business these days. Often, what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is not their skill in their field. The defining factor for most of us is how well we market.

That’s unfortunate because if we felt called to be marketers we would have studied marketing in college and be working in a marketing firm right now.

Perhaps there are a lucky few who can hire a marketing firm.  Most of us have to do it ourselves whether we like it or not.

If you have a metaphysical business and are in need of a marketing boost, consider these five surprising tips.


1. Write good copy. Okay, that’s not surprising. But here’s what is. Many metaphysical business owners don’t know what “copy” is, understand its importance or know how to write it well.

I have seen poor grammar and terrible spelling. I have seen copy that literally makes no sense. I have seen copy that uses so much flowery airy-fairy language that meaning gets lost. I have seen copy that looks like bragging, and I have seen the opposite, copy that is self-deprecating.

“Copy” is the writing you use to advertise yourself. It’s what you write for print ads, radio ads, your website, your business cards and your brochures.

One universal principle in advertising is “WIIFM.” That’s “What’s in it for me?” for the uninitiated. Your copy must reflect your mission and your credentials, but its primary focus must be to explain to your potential client what benefits they will receive from your services.

If writing isn’t your strong suit, get help with your copy. Many people want to make sure they come across as “just me” in their copy. Yes, it is good to be genuine and authentic. But why would someone pay a “just me” for a metaphysical service?


2. Avoid insider lingo. Never use insider industry lingo in your copy or in your conversation with clients. In fact, maybe don’t use it at all. Our clients don’t understand our inside jokes and don’t like feeling stupid.

An example is the word “muggle” from the Harry Potter series. In case you haven’t read the books, a muggle is a non-magical person. Recently those in the tarot industry have started using this word to describe their mainstream jobs, and to describe people who are not privy to our tarot wisdom.

Harry Potter is fiction. What we do is real. One of the biggest marketing problems we have is that people don’t always see that what we do is valid. Using fiction to describe our work isn’t helping. And, in the novels the term “muggle” is not complimentary. We don’t use the “R” word to describe those of limited intellect. We don’t use the “N” word to describe those of a particular heritage. Why would we use the “M” word to describe our target audience, even in jest?

Be conscious of the language you use. Make sure it is understandable and respectful to all. Insider lingo divides us from the people we are trying to reach.Insider lingo sets up a sense of “them and us” that keeps us from connecting with our clients.


3. Market to the mainstream. Unless you have a business that is specifically set up to only serve the metaphysical community, direct your marketing primarily to the mainstream. If you don’t believe the mainstream wants, needs or understands your product you need to change your thinking.

Often it seems that metaphysical people market solely to each other. It reminds me of the French Revolution scene in Mel Brooks’ “History of the World Part 1” where Cloris Leachman as Madame DeFarge says “Look at what we’ve become! Beggars begging from beggars!”

Yes, we use each other’s services. We are often each other’s favorite clients. But if we rely solely on each other we are failing to bring our services to the people who need us most. Worse, we are limiting our business to a very small community.

Be willing to be the only tarot reader at the Chamber of Commerce marketing event. Be willing to speak about Reiki at the Rotary luncheon. Be an interesting guest talking about angels on the local morning radio show. Will some people laugh at you? Of course. If you can’t take a little ridicule you are in the wrong industry. Some people will admire your moxy. Some people will call you for appointments. That’s all that matters.

When you tell the mainstream about your work you are truly in the position of being in service. These are the people who need us most. These are the people who can best afford us. These are people we can educate. And, most importantly, many people in the mainstream ARE metaphysical and are excited to meet us! We give them permission to be who they truly are.


4. Don’t focus on demography. This advice is counter to the marketing science that instructs us to identify our demo and market directly to them. In most business, demographics work. In metaphysics,demographics may be unnecessarily limiting.

Many of us can identify a favorite type of client. Many of us see more people of a specific gender or age group than any other. But unless you consciously want to limit yourself to just that type of client, don’t.

There are two reasons for this. First, at the end of the day we are all healers of one type or another. Is there some group of people who don’t need healing? If we relegate ourselves only to people we believe understand their need for healing or are drawn to what we do we are missing the clientele who can most benefit from our services.

Second, as healers we can understand the damage we do when we pigeon-hole people. How do you know the wealthy politician doesn’t want an astrology chart? How do you know the rapper doesn’t enjoy energy work? How do you know the retired army general doesn’t want to study tarot?

It is hard to encourage others to be open-minded if we ourselves are not.


5. Trust Spirit.  This one is simple. Believe in your calling. Ask your guides to help your clients find you. Use your metaphysical tools to help you strategize. So many metaphysical practitioners forget to use their primary skills and belief sets to their own business advantage!

If you truly believe in what you are doing, show your faith by using your prayers, meditation, magick and spiritual connection to grow your business!

If you know that Spirit has called you to your field, then you know that Spirit doesn’t want you to work in a vacuum. Use the same healing energy you use in your practice to help you create a thriving business.


Metaphysical marketing all comes down to three basic principles.Believe in what you do. Treat everyone with respect. Communicate effectively.

That doesn’t seem so hard, does it?