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Not every tarot reader makes future predictions. But for the ones who do, here’s a thought.

Often clients will ask for a prediction based on their own assumption of what will happen. A perfect example of this was the 2000 American Presidential Election. The question posed of psychics was “Who will win the election, Al Gore or George W. Bush?”

A few psychics had the courage to get it right, predicting that Bush would not win the vote but would be appointed president.

I use the word “courage” because that is what it takes to see past assumptions.

This sort of situation happens every day. Perhaps the question is “I’m going to court on Friday. What will be the outcome?”

The cards show no outcome at all. The reader is confused, and doesn’t know what to say.

That Friday, the court date is postponed.

The cards will reflect the truth. We need to have the courage and creativity to interpret it.

For us, the solution is deceptively simple.

Assume nothing.

Assume that the basic premise of the question may be faulty.

Be willing to ask other questions of the cards, such as “Will there be a winner at all?” or “Will the game be played as expected?” or “Will the meeting occur as planned?”

Your client may be adamant that things will go as expected.

It’s our job to remember that here on planet Earth nothing goes as expected.