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The Way I See It


I am a tarot reader. Along my tarot journey, social media has made me aware of so many different styles and types of readers.  Each has his/her own unique method of reading the cards. My own method is quite simple. I tell it as I see it. I do not sugarcoat my readings. I am not a fluffy, flowery, make everything in life like poetry type of reader. I do not go on and on with so much fluff that the question is eventually unrecognizable from the answer given. I do, however, carefully choose my words in difficult situations, so as to be kind and understanding to the client. I am not so blunt that I am cruel, or frighten the client. I offer insight into the possibilities to solve what is troubling them. I suggest professional help if it seems warranted. I let the client know that there are options—nothing is written in stone. The ultimate decision is theirs to make. Mine is only to suggest what may or may not occur, depending on their own further actions.


Now, to be clear, I am not saying these fluffy, flowery readers are all wrong. It would be very hard to say any tarot reader is wrong. We all see the cards in a different light. We all have our own deep rooted intuition that speaks only to us. Our clients come back again because obviously our readings resonate with what they need to hear.


The problem I DO have with social media is a lack of respect. Rather than respect each others differences, there are some on the social media sites that criticize the opinion of another readers comments in a harsh and sometimes mean way. Some feel the need to always upstage everyone else, trying always to have the last word.


It is not my place to tell any reader that he or she is wrong, nor is it their place to say the same about me. Reading tarot is not an ego trip. It is not one person being more accurate than the other. This is quite evident in the on line exercises where a single card, or more often, a three card spread is shown (usually without an indication of a question), and several readers give their interpretation. The similarities and diversities of the interpretations are amazing. They are a learning experience. They can confirm the way you see the spread, and they can give you a different perspective you may have overlooked. This holds true even when a hypothetical situation or question is given.


There is no need to criticize or look down on another reader simply because their intuition and insight differs from yours. We are all readers, students, and masters of tarot in our own individual way. There is plenty of room for all.