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Hello, Major Arcana! We believe we are ready to start our future together, and have come to you, oh wise tarot cards, for your advice and guidance.


Fool:  You say you believe you are ready to commit to a future together. Go with that belief. Take that next step and begin to build the relationship. Do not over think the opportunity—you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by taking that step forward.


Magician:  Be honest with each other. Be sure that you have trust, but do not allow yourselves to be manipulated. You have all your senses and can see through deception. Use the tools you have been given in life to know what you see.


High Priestess:  Yes, my dears—go with your deep rooted intuition. Follow your hearts, but keep your minds open and alert. As your relationship progresses, your intuitions and feelings will grow.


Empress:  Oh, my dear children! I am so happy for you.  Nurture this relationship, for it will be the beginning of a wonderful new life.


Emperor:  I will support your decisions, but know I am here to advise and protect you when necessary. I will always be the rock you can depend on.


Hierophant:  If the standard rules are not suited to you, do not hesitate to make changes. Be faithful to your standards. What is right for others, may not work for you.  Do not follow blindly.


The Lovers: It takes compromise to build a good relationship. Give and take works both ways. To be one together, you must be strong alone.


The Chariot:  Move ahead with confidence and swiftness, knowing this is what you both want. Be careful, however, to not overpower each other.


Strength:  By my name alone, I tell you this is needed in every relationship. Weather the storms, and allow your differences. Do not try to change each other. Understand that you are each an individual. Honor and respect the differences.


Hermit:  When troubles arise, think it through before speaking or taking action, for you risk the chance of saying hurtful words, or damaging actions. Go deep inside yourselves and listen to your soul. Your soul will tell you what needs to be done to mend the rifts.


Wheel of Fortune:  There are always ups and downs in every relationship or partnership. I agree with Hermit and Strength—weather the storms together. If the relationship is strong, the road will become smoother, and when new bumps appear, you will be better equipped to handle them.


Justice:  Seek balance—do not allow the relationship to become all for one. This is a blending and merging of two individuals. Treat each other with equality and respect.


Hanged Man:  When you disagree, take a step back and relax. Breathe deeply. Hold back any decisions until you have thought everything through. One or both may have to change directions for the good of the other. Do not fear compromise.


Death:  Marriage or partnerships are the beginning of a new life for both.  Some activities you previously enjoyed as a single person may no longer serve you well now. Do not be afraid to let go of the old, for the sake of a better new!


Temperance:  Everything in moderation, as they say! That is an important factor in a healthy relationship. Do not smother each other with your demands. Remember, you each have an individual personality, and you must learn how to blend them together and still honor each separately.


The Devil:  We all come with some vices and bad habits. Do not insist or demand change, but work together to overcome those vices. Strengthen your bond by helping each other, rather than driving each other apart.


The Tower:  Beware of events that will challenge the structure of your relationship. Outside forces may try to undermine the very foundation of your bond.  Reinforce that foundation with trust, honesty, and compassion.


The Star:  Do not lose yourselves in dreams, but follow them together. Wishes come true when you stand by each other and work as one.


The Moon:  Know the world around you. There may be others in your world who will try to undermine your relationship. Jealousy and envy may lurk in the shadows.  Learn to see what is hidden from your sight.


The Sun:  Start each day fresh, and with new excitement and joy. Do not hold in anger. Welcome each day together as you welcome the dawning of a new day.


Judgment:  When troubles come into the relationship, reach into yourselves and ask what led you to this point. What part of the problem are you accountable for? Face your flaws and admit your faults.  You cannot change each other, but you can change yourself.


The World:  If you follow all the advice of these cards, your world together will be strong.  It will be based on love, strength, compromise, compassion, honesty, faithfulness, and mutual respect. May you always find peace and love in both the dark days, and the bright days.


Joanne Matthew