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Why do tarotists keep tarot blogs? There are literally hundreds of tarot blogs on the internet. Professional tarot teachers offer free instruction on their blogs. Tarot students share their musings on the cards. Tarotists of every level of experience offer tarot-related recipes, games, poems, stories and exercises.

Tarot Blog Hops happen regularly where tarot bloggers agree to blog at the same time about the same topic.

When I first started reading tarot in the 1980s there were no blogs. The internet existed, but average people didn’t know about it. Tarot information came from books, rented videos and in-person classes (if you were lucky enough to find one).

Now tarotists have a wealth of tarot information, perspectives and ideas at their fingertips every day, for free.

I encourage my students to blog about tarot. In fact, anyone can have a free account on this Tarot Topcs Community Blog to share their thoughts and ideas about tarot.

A few of my students, both amateur and professional, have asked me to explain the value of keeping a tarot blog. So here it is –  five good reasons to keep a tarot blog.

  1. The best tarot readers are also tarot writers. Tarot is by its nature a creative, spiritual and intellectual pursuit. When we write about the cards we become better at working with the cards, and better at hearing their messages.


  1. Just as the early occults and tarotists did, just as the Golden Dawn did, we are constantly evolving tarot. As we share our thoughts, ideas and experiences about tarot we are adding to the tarot corpus. What tarot is and how tarot is used is constantly changing. Our blogs document our experiences. That documentation demonstrates how tarot is evolving, and keeps a record of its growth. This allows us to build on each other’s work as we all work together to create tarot’s future.


  1. I implore my students to keep a tarot journal. While a blog may not replace a journal it certainly serves a similar purpose. A tarot blog helps us see our own progress and learn from it.


  1. Blogs build community. When we blog about tarot we are sharing our knowledge and wisdom with our community. This strengthens us as a community.


  1. Blogging builds understanding. There is so much misinformation in the world about tarot. The more we share thoughtful, intelligent posts about tarot the more we work to spread the truth about what tarot is and what tarot isn’t.


It doesn’t matter if you blog about tarot every day, every week or only once a month. There are very few things we can do in life that benefit ourselves as much as they benefit our community. Tarot blogging is one of those things.