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Employment Suggestions for the Major Arcana ©


If the Major Arcana had to look for jobs, or opened their own business, here is a partial list of possibilities, based on their particular talents and qualifications:


The Fool – Adventure Guide, or Scout Leader

The Magician – Stock broker, Las Vegas entertainer, or Chef

The High Priestess – Intuitive Life Coach, Shaman, or Oracle

The Empress – Daycare operator, pediatric nurse, garden or pet shop owner

The Emperor – Political Leader, Business CEO

The Hierophant – Pope, if the job was available, or another high position in the church

The Lovers – Wedding planners

The Chariot – Auto mechanic, or auto sales

Strength – Fitness coach, or body building contestant

The Hermit – Meditation or hypnosis coach

The Wheel of Fortune – Casino gaming table dealer

Justice – Lawyer or legal mediator

The Hanged Man – Yoga instructor

Death – Funeral director

Temperance – Bartender, or chemist

The Devil – Owner of substance abuse rehab center

The Tower – Building inspector, or demolition expert

The Star – Astronaut, astronomer, or astrologist

The Moon – Same as the Star—they would have to compete for the positions

The Sun – Tropical vacation resort owner

Judgment – Judge

The World – Travel Agent