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This week’s question comes from Pamela, who is having a hard time understanding the Court Cards.

Pamela, you are not alone. The Court Cards are confusing because they can mean so many different things.

Each person has their own way of dealing with the Court. I will share mine – perhaps you will find it helpful.

My book, Tarot Tour Guide, has a whole chapter on the Court that will give you some good information as well.

When interpreting the Court, consider developing an understanding of the four ranks and an understanding of the Four Elements.

Here is a brief description of the four ranks, from my perspective.

Pages: Pages can be young people, or people of any age who are learning or doing something new. Pages are yin and receptive. Pages are students and communicators.

Pages may direct you to learn something new, or to focus on communication.

Pages may predict that you will receive an important communication.

Knights: Knights can be young people, or people of any age who are in pursuit of a goal.

Knights are yang and active. Knights are pursuers or travelers.

Knights may direct you to pursue a goal.

Knights may predict travel.

Queens: Queens are generally adult women.

Queen may direct you to nurture something within yourself.

Kings: Kings are generally adult men.

Kings may direct you to take a leadership role.

The personalities of the people and the nature of their directives and predictions can be determined by their element.

Swords is the Element of Air, and refers to communication, integrity, truth and intelligence.

Wands is the Element of Fire, and refers to passion, creativity, spirituality and enjoyment.

Cups is the Element of Water, and refers to emotions, sentimentality, love and relationships.

Pentacles is the Element of Earth and refesr to stability, prosperity, structure, practicality and groundedness.

In my system upright Court Cards can represent people who work well with their element and are basically good and helpful.

Reversed Court Cards represent people who have problems in the area of their element. Reversed Pentacles people, for instance, might be irresponsible or have problems with employment.

Enjoy the video! If you have questions about tarot please email me!

Video of Christiana answers a question about the Court Cards