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It seems that at certain times, or within certain groups, there is a tendency to limit tarot and what it can do. Some people will say tarot is only about fortunetelling. Others will say it is only psychological. Others will say it is only spiritual.

The way I see it, tarot is all of that and more. The information derived from tarot can be predictive, mundane and practical. It can also be healing, enlightening and spiritual.

Of course we can use tarot for purposes other than divination. We can use tarot for magick, manifestation, creative inspiration and meditation.

But when we do use tarot for divination, we need to remember that the cards can speak to us in a multitude of ways.

The cards may give spiritual information, including messages from those in spirit.

The cards may give psychological information, including a clear directive to change behaviors and heal from past hurts.

The cards may give strategic advice, including advice for managing relationships and career.

The cards may give predictions in order to help you prepare for upcoming events and opportunities.

The cards may give mundane information about travel, purchases and logistics.

Sometimes one card can give many pieces of information at the same time.

When we seek to limit tarot’s ability, we lose the opportunity to get everything it offers us.

When you study the cards think about how each card could speak to the spiritual, the mundane and the psychological. Don’t pigeon-hole cards into meaning only one thing. And don’t pigeon-hole tarot into being only one sort of tool.

Of course each reader must use the cards in the way that feels right for them. But sometimes we get more value by being expansive and considering the possibilities, rather than limiting ourselves to simply one thing or another.