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This week has brought about a little bit of a transformation for me. Some of my readings have been right on, while others are coming up slightly shy of that. 

I’ve been sick these past couple of days, and while I feel you sometimes can shed negativity through being sick…it might also bring some negativity out. So you can change and grow. Kind of like how a caterpillar has a transformation to its adult stage, the butterfly. Out of negatives, can sometimes be a beautiful positive. 

As with the butterfly, readings can have the same changes…one might vary from one to the other…or even transform from negative to positive. This is not to say that being a caterpillar is negative, but still in the fact that it needs growth to continue on its path. Also needing positivity to grow…knowing full well if it keeps eating and eventually goes in to chrysalis form it will come out beautifully. Not all readings are full of butterflies, but, like the caterpillar…you can learn how to use it positively to impact the reading. In other words, you might need some negativity to help you shed some skin, or in this case, your chrysalis. There is no such thing as a “perfect” reading. Although one can try…it’s best to interpret as best possible. Even if that means a little negativity to grow.

That being said(I am now rambling…but hopefully making sense), growth in all areas of your life, negative or positive, both are needed and can’t often happen with or without the other. To recognize both and grow from them is another matter entirely. You must be able to find the positivity in the negativity.