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Linda had a question about tarot reversals. She performed a reading where every card in the spread was reversed. She wondered how I would handle that.

First, let me say something about reversals. While there is no tradition that requires the honoring of reversals I do encourage my students to honor reversals, and I always honor reversals.

I feel honoring reversals gives the reading more nuance and more information.

Some people erroneously feel that reversals are always negative, or are always interpreted as the opposite of the upright card.  The truth as I see it is that reversals change the energy of the card.

The reversal may indicate an opposite, a delay, a lessening of the card’s energy or an increase in the card’s energy. The reversal may indicate the client is resistant to the card’s energy.

When I see a spread with a majority of reversals, or all cards reversed, I will interpret each card according to its orientation, so I will definitely read the reversals.

I will also interpret the trend of reversals. A trend of reversals in a spread may indicate that the client is feeling upside down, or the client doesn’t know what to do, or the client is contemplating a course of action that may not be beneficial.

Thanks for a great question, Linda.

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Enjoy the video.

Video of Christiana Answers a Question about Tarot Reversals