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Mabon – Celebrating the Autumnal Equinox ©


Days and nights of equal dark and light.

Crops harvested and stored for the winter.

Hearth fires are burning brightly

As the summer warmth is now behind us.


The Goddess descends to the underground

Until the earth awakens again in the Spring.

Our doors are trimmed with colorful corn

And the leaves are turning crimson and gold.


We share our wine and fresh baked breads

With family, friends, and those at our door.

We give thanks for our fruitful harvest

Of  squash, apples, nuts and seeds.


We reinforce our barns and shelters

To protect our cattle and our sheep

Throughout the cold days and nights of winter,

And await our own time of hibernation.


As the world turns colder day by day,

We will keep warm by opening our hearts,

by sharing the blessings we were given,

And celebrating life with friends and family.


Blessed Mabon to All